Bestselling author Joe Konrath goes on a beer fast for thirty days to lose weight.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 18

Just got back from a very cool visit to the Wild Onion Brewery, did a tour, and assisted the brewers in making a Belgium Wit beer. Latham and Maria ate, and the food looked terrific.

The beer was excellent. I got to try many of their seasonals, as well as some young beer not yet fully fermented, and even some wort from the brew kettle.

If you live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, check this place out. I'll be eating there right after my diet ends.

I'm a little low on energy, but feel pretty good considering I haven't eaten anything since January 1.

The scale hasn't budged in the last few days, but I am drinking more water to stay hydrated. My clothes are getting loose, and it's easy to see I've lost weight, but I'm hoping to knock off at least 30 pounds and I seem to be stuck at 20-22.

Twelve days left. It still seems like a long way to go. I can't imagine ever doing this again, at least for this length of time.

Got another workout tomorrow, and some fun stuff planned as I head into the final week. Now I need to get some writing done.


  1. I just tuned in and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Please clarify something. If this has been covered previously, accept my apologies because I have not been reading comments. You started this diet on January 1, today is January 19. So, this should be your 19th day, not your 18th. Somewhere along the way, you posted a part 2 from the previous day and that threw off the dates and then you posted 2 days in 1. So, look on the bright side, you are 1 day further along than you thought. :) Again, if I've missed something, my are much smarter than me. ;) Keep on keeping on!!!

  2. I began the diet on Jan 2. Sometimes I'm late posting blog entries, so they don't match up to actual days.

  3. Joe, if the main character in your next book goes berserk and holds a gun to someone's head until he hands over a couple pounds of fried up bacon I will know why. ~Rocky

  4. Sounds like you've rebounded well. I was worrying there for a bit. You just might pull this off.

  5. Looking forward to seeing more video footage.

    I'm enjoying a Sam Adams cherry wheat tonight. Tasty! Guess I better enjoy it while I can. The 29 Day No Beer Diet starts in a couple of weeks.

  6. You're funny...on a beer diet, can't stop thinking about bacon, and you visit a brewery...! I guess that helps stay focussed. Please write more fiction...

  7. dammit make me want to drink beer! im a wine drinker and after your articulation on the taste of beer, i will be drinking every type of beer i can and start collecting them, because you make it sound soooo goood! Damn You!!! :)

  8. Joe, The Onion is my regular watering hole. Dawn, the bartender told me on Thursday that some author was in the bar drinking his meals. I asked who and she took out a piece of paper with your name on it. I damn near feel off my stool, and not because of the Paddy Pale Ale. No because it was due to the fact that I was halfway through "Trapped". I've been a fan since "The List" and "Endurance". You tell a great story and have a wonderfully twisted taste for horror. Hope to buy ya beer sometime at the Onion.
    Bob S.