Bestselling author Joe Konrath goes on a beer fast for thirty days to lose weight.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 19

I'm so hungry I'm thinking of renaming my three dogs Sam Adams, Moosehead, and Guinness, so I can eat them. Technically that would still be the beer diet.


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  2. I don't even know you and I find myself worrying about you. You need to stop this diet and eat some food. Here's a sensible way to lose weight. Please do this instead. (

  3. Hello, stopped by your other blog to read good stuff about writing, and I HAD to click on the link to this...since I love beer, and I am certified by the best in the world to talk nutrition (Precision Nutrition.)

    If it wasn't clear, you are killing yourself. I mean, I think it's awesome and manly and I will admit my envy that I did not think of it first...but you are killing yourself. You'd be better almost better off doing a 30 day fast with just water.

    First off, you should go see a doctor If you are wondering why, go read about hyponatremia, or beer drinkers potomania. You need to have your electrolyte levels checked ASAP.

    Secondly, start planning now for how you are going to come off this fast. If you go back to regular eating right away you are going to be a very unhappy camper.

    Thirdly, this is a terrible way to lose weight. You are going to put it all back on and then some. Again, it's a damn cool idea and I love it, but it is not a smart idea in any way, shape, or form. And it's going to backfire anyway, sadly. If you start to add good healthy food back to your diet today (Greens! Veggies! Some yummy fats!) I will be happy to work with you as an online client for free for a year. I can help you lose weight slowly, easily, and permanently. Or I can reccomend people who will charge you a good chunk of money and keep you accountable and do the same thing.

    But seriously? Go get your electrolytes checked right now. And if you keep doing this diet, get them checked daily.

    Now I'm gonna finish this whisky, pour myself a Chimay blue, and force myself to get the next 1500 words on my novel done. Thanks for the reads BTW, I will hie me over to amazon and buy one of your books.

  4. You have the willpower of a saint! Drinking Black Lab would work, right? lol
    Good luck, Joe.

  5. Was fortunate to stumble on this and am now hooked. Personally I see no problems with the diet, but what do I know as I barely made it out of biology! On the other hand, you are giving inspiration to give something a try that I have been contemplating for some time.
    I too love beer am a homebrewer and consider myself a beer snob in that the major us label beers are nothing short of colored water. I am also an avid marathoner that tends to find bars on said marathon routes. My goal is to complete a marathon while consuming a beer each mile. I am a slow runner so I am not sure if that would qualify as binge drinking or not...any thoughts?

  6. While on the subject of dog names ... I said if I ever got any more dogs, they'd be watchdogs. I'd name one Rolex and the other Bulova.

  7. Hey, Randy. If Joe doesn't take you up on that free consulting offer, email me. Dog knows I could use it. I'm about as heavy as Joe, but I know I'm shorter than he is, so I'm hurting in a big way.


    Hey, it was worth a shot, right?

  8. He's burning the candle at both ends - he doesn't need an 'electrolite' :D

    Sorry... couldnae resist...

  9. I'm following your, uh, progress, Joe. And what you're doing does scare me the tiniest bit.

    For such a logical guy, this diet doesn't seem...logical. But I do wish you well and hope the resultant body shrinkage makes you happy.

    Just Take care!

  10. Now's the time to read St. Thomas Aquinas, the Summa

  11. Poor Joe. And your poor liver. Hang in there. 9 more days?

  12. We agree Selena. Wish Joe not only well, but also to be wise. The body is a servant and cannot recover from abuse as easily as when one was two decades younger. On another note, it takes a couple months for protein starvation to show up, and first signs are usually hair and nails; but the hidden part is loss of muscle, remembering vital organs have muscle tissue that is essential to their functioning well, including regulating heartbeat and also helping to clear toxins, amongst others. You are of course captain of your own ship Joe, it is true, but it is also true that we're concerned when you appear to not see the squall gathering until you are in pain. Please be well as possible.

  13. Hey, hey, hey, I’m slapping you upside the head as if I’m a German dominatrix (I’m actually Norwegian).

    Joe, you might be dying here!

    Those monks you talk about don’t have the same genetic background.

    It may be impossible for a Northern European to eschew food, especially meat. You look very German (meat, meat)!

  14. Joe, I have to ask, how do you feel about all this advice?

  15. Joe,

    I am just going to say this once. And get roasted for it. Stay the course my friend. Hunger is in your mind. You are getting calories and vitamins and minerals. I am not sure what all these other naysayers are going on about. It's all a bunch of bunk I say. They aren't providing any anecdotal evidence... Have fun over the next few days. That's what I say.

  16. A beer diet!!! Thats a nuts idea... A wine diet on the other hand, preferably red, well that's more to my liking.

  17. Came into your other blog yesterday from an unrelated search and found your advice there so interesting, useful, and frankly entertaining that I decided to spend some time tonight reading your progress here.

    My initial reaction was, "NO! Bad! Super bad!" and voted accordingly. Then I remembered the documentary "How Beer Saved the World" and took in the combination of the story of the monks and the fact that the other guy did it for longer and lived and quieted down some and thought it might have a possibility of working.

    By the time I worked my way chronologically through your last 19 days, I began to worry again and thinking of various things. For one, the process the monks used to brew their beer might have been part of why they (presumably?) suffered little or no damage from their experience. As for the Egyptians, who were often paid in beer, they also did eat other things besides the beer...

    So, yes, back to worrying about you, sir! I do think that if you start to suffer from this you are at least sensible enough to attempt to modify the diet again so you can make it through the full 30 days without damaging your health. And I trust that your wife and others around you will convince you if you dig your heels in out of stubbornness.

    In any case, I genuinely wish you luck and health.

  18. But can you get into those natty shirts yet? You know - the old Hawaiian ones?

  19. Also, if you happen to have access to a Crazy Horse for dining purposes, that would technically count, too.

    Just remember: twelve days is only four Gettysburgs back-to-back.

    One more day, and you've only got three Gettysburgs left!

  20. is maureen by any chance an ALF core trainer or a certified trainer. Sometimes insurance will pay if so.

  21. Sounds to me like you're trying to kill yourself, Joe. There are sensible diets.