Bestselling author Joe Konrath goes on a beer fast for thirty days to lose weight.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3 - Part 2

Fun day today.

Latham Conger, my friend for 32 years and cameraman for this project, came over with McDonalds. We recorded each other eating--I had an Autumn Maple 10% abv from The Bruery, he had a Big Mac and a chicken sandwich.

I smelled his food, but it really didn't do anything to me. No stomach rumbling. No drooling. I truly preferred the Autumn Maple, which was delicious.

Then my friend Carl Graves, who is also my cover artist, dropped by and we played some pinball and drank a few. Since the Autumn Maple was a higher abv, I selected some weaker beers for the rest of the evening. Even so, the social situation prompted me to drink more than I probably would have on my own. I wound up drinking five beers total for the day, including a Sam Adams Boston Lager, a Guinness Draught, and a collaboration by The Bruery, Elysian, and Stone called La Citrueille Celeste de Citracado. That last beer was brewed with yams, pumpkin, toasted fenugreek, lemon verbena, and birch bark. Yum.

Also, when the night was winding down, I did two shots of Sonoran 200. Sonoran 200 is an ale brewed with agave nectar, and like Sam Adams Utopias, it has no carbonation and is poured and consumed like a cordial. It was the bottom of the bottle, cloudy with yeast, and delicious. Sonoran 200 is a bit over 19% abv.

I ended the night with a BAC of about .06 - .07. Drank plenty of water.

With Carl and my wife Maria in the room with me, I went through my closet and tried on some of my old shirts to see if they still fit while they tried in vain not to laugh.

I'm not posting a lot of videos on this blog, but actually we're recording quite a bit. Latham follows me around for about eight hours every day, and each day we get about 90 minutes of footage. Naturally, I'm also recording my process--weigh-ins, body pictures, each beer I drink, etc. Plus we're interviewing my friends and family, as well as strangers, asking them what they think about this idea.

If I get through this month, we'll have well over 40 hours of material. The plan is to cut it down to a 90 minute documentary, but a lot of this footage is pretty fun (we really have to try hard not to laugh), so an alternative might be making each day its own 20 minute episode.

As for my writing, I'm not getting anything done. Something is going to have to give, because I've got a book that's due that needs to be finished ASAP.

Some people have been asking about the changes happening with my digestive system on an all beer diet, so I shot this to satisfy their curiosity. I dare you not to look away.


  1. Joe, you have a Japanese toilet in your house?!

  2. I have two Japanese toilets in my house.

    I love my life.

  3. That is my husband's ultimate dream. A damn toilet. I told him he can go back over to Japan if he likes them so well...
    Awesome video!