Bestselling author Joe Konrath goes on a beer fast for thirty days to lose weight.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7 - Part 1

Went to bed feeling a bit weak.Woke up feeling a bit week. Drank a Founders Breakfast Stout and now I feel better, if a bit light-headed. Don't know if that's the diet or the 8.3% abv.

Today my wife Maria is going the solidarity route and joining me on the beer diet. She said she won't eat anything today, just drink what I'm drinking.

Maria is incredibly strong willed, and she's also the most supportive person I've ever met. That said, she's never gone a day without food in her life, and she gets really crabby when she misses a meal.

I have no idea if she'll make it or not. It really is about 50/50. I'm sure she'll make it to the evening hours, but then it is anyone's guess if she makes it to bed without snacking on something.

Tomorrow I have my second blood test, to see how my body is holding up. I'm also going to be making beersicles by freezing some fruit beers.

I'd like to also make beer gelatin. Unflavored gelatin (Knox) has about 25 calories. But I'm on the fence because gelatin isn't beer, so techinally I'd be violating the rules of the diet (just beer and water.)

Still, it would be fun, and I wonder what it would taste like. What do you think? Beer Jello or not?


  1. Beer sicles. That is a novel idea. Great for summer. Hang in there.

  2. I'm a purist. I'd vote No on the beersicles. Although, you could definitely give them a try once the diet is over. :)

    Good luck, Joe!

  3. Hi Joe. I'm not going to comment on the beer sicles or beer gelatin, but on your work out at the gym which I saw in the videos you have previously posted. It's good that you keep at it, but when I tried to work out at home It just didn't work for me. It felt tedious and each day I had less will to do it. Then my brother convinced me, more like forced me to be honest, to try out running. It was just 2 weeks ago nad For now i march more than run, but it still feels great. I've already lost 8 pounds and my brother has lost over 45 pounds in 4 months thanks to running.

    Out of curiosity I have tested, using heart rate monitor, how much calories I burn while doing push-ups/crunches/squats compared to running. It's just an estimate but it turns out that In half an hour I burn about 3 times more calories while running (~200 kcal while working out and ~600 kcal while running). It also makes me feel like changing other things in my life to have a healthier life. To eat less, sleep more, spend less time in front of my computer and so on. Plus I bet that you spend more time driving to and back from the gym than I spend running, which only takes some 30 minutes 4 times a week.

    I probably won't be able to convince you to try it out, especially not now when you are on the beer diet, but have a look at these links for a positive motivation:

    Good luck with your diet, I will check for new updates each day.

  4. I say go for it on the beer jello. Keep this experience interesting & fun! You make the rules Joe.

  5. Keeping in consideration what comprises many beers, gelatin is sometimes used to clarify commercial beers. You really wouldn't be adding anything that wasn't already there (possibly).

  6. I'd say that gelatin breaks the spirit of the beer diet, but that beersicles (not a word I ever imagined typing) do not. As to Marek's comments on running vice gym workouts, I would agree that if you are after overall aerobic fitness and weight loss, running or fast walking is the way to go. Still, gym workouts are definitely great for overall fitness and toning, and the workouts you are doing seem similar to Cross-Fit workouts that are very popular with the military these days.

    By the way, commenting on your wife getting cranky if she misses a meal, and then speculating that she may not have the fortitude to make it a day without solid food seems like a risky move to me. Especially if she has access to this blog on the internet. Just saying.

  7. I hope you'll consider asking your doc to test the important ones: protein, especially b12, d3, calcium especially, and a creatinine. Also test electrolytes K/na etc. More A1C. Generic SMAC24/25 may not be enough blood testing to give the full picture. Too, understand that blood tests may not measure what is staying in the body, but what is leaching out of the body. Just my .02 as one who has to, not by choice, have extensive labs 4x yr. The blood tests are very expensive, but life depends in many cases on seeing the clearest picture possible.

  8. I think the jello is a great idea. It's protein. Which means that a purist would say it doesn't belong in your all-beer diet, but the friend in me says, yes! It's good for you! In the hospital, when patients' guts are recovering after various insults, jello is introduced as part of the clear liquid diet.

  9. I say allow in the jello. I'm with tess. The purists might say no, but it adds protein.

    Support the wife!


  10. Joe, I told my wife what you're doing and she suggests if you keep this diet up for a year, you'll get a book deal. Ha! She apparently collects those books.

    Take care, I don't advise going for the book deal on the grounds of potential health consequences.

  11. So Joe, one of the things I don't understand is why it's all beer instead of mostly beer, and maybe work in 500 calories of solid food? Are you trying to turn this into something that makes you money too?

    I looked at one of those caloric needs calculators, and it looks like at your current weight when starting this diet you need about 2500 calories a day to maintain your weight. You could cut your intake to 2000 calories and exercise another 500 calories off, and you'd be running a 1000 calorie per day deficit. That would be about a two pound weight loss per week.

    You could have a couple of six inch turkey subs each day and still have about 1500 calories in beer as well.

    Anyway, good luck with it.

  12. Mark, correct me if I'm wrong but I think Joe chose an all-beer diet more as a proof of concept or a novelty over any other diet, otherwise he might as well have chosen something tested. In this case, having it be all beer rather than beer and a little bit of food is much more intriguing.

    Joe, I'd say you can add the Jello, not because protein is healthy for you (because as just another random internet lurker I hardly care about that) but because Jello is awesome, and made of meat (...kinda).

  13. a snack cup of jello only has 1 gm protein. 70 c per snack 1/2 cup and high carbs with no fiber. For a man of joe's size, he'd need about 90-120 gm of protein a day to keep up with his current muscle mass and to keep from protein starvation which starts to eat his own muscles, and esp protein replenishment needs to happen if he's lifting weights.

    from a fitness family who lifts regularly. wouldnt risk damaging the body this way. No trainer I know would go along with protein deficit and heavy workouts. No doc either

  14. Add Jell-o if you want, but then you'll render the whole thing void,IMHO. It's an animal product--derived from cow feet. The beer-and-beef-renderings diet doesn't have much of a ring to it. If you feel like you need to add something, how about a sandwich?

  15. Hooves aren't beef! Especially horse hooves!

    The day unflavored gelatin invalidates a diet is the day Diet Caffeine Free Jolt catches on with the masses.

    Especially beer gelatin. Yuck. That sounds like a punishment, not a cheat.

  16. I say go for it. Beer jello shots sound awesome.

    I have very little sense of balance and bang into walls and trip on imaginary things all the time, so I think it's wise not to incorporate the beer into my P90X routine. But I can admire your sprint (stagger) to greatness and live vicariously through you!

  17. Joe - If you're really concerned about the gelatin, why not consider agar agar - it's derived from seaweed, and thus doesn't have the animal issues that gelatin has.

  18. You're leaving us all hanging by not telling us how your wife made it through her diet day!