Bestselling author Joe Konrath goes on a beer fast for thirty days to lose weight.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 9

Tired all day. Didn't get much done. Could only finish half my workout.

Want to post some videos and write more, but I'm lacking the energy and motivation.

I've lost about 14 pounds so far, but according to a biometric scale reading this morning, I've also lost 2% muscle and 1% bone. Could have been because I was dehydrated (that messes with the readouts) but it bummed me out just the same.

I went into this diet not knowing what would happen. That was part of the experiment. If I'm harming my health, even though that isn't what I want, I have to accept that as a result. I'll know for sure when I get my blood results on Thursday.

Hopefully I'll snap out of this funk. We've gotten some good footage the last few days, and I am losing weight, so I should be happier.

But instead I'm meh.

On the plus side, I did tag the wife. The diet isn't affecting the libido. And for the first time in a while it was great to see her boobs without mine in the way.


  1. Joe keep your head up, this will be for the best in the end. Have you heard of Chia seeds, it is something you mix with water that will give you some nutrients and energy and hardend your stool. Some good shit! If your able to mix it with your water while you are on this, it will do wonders for you.


  2. Hoping that you make it past this, good news Thursday would be awesome.

    Only thing I can think of it to tailor your drinks more towards what the Monks would have, unpasteurized, very hearty stuff. If all else fails, can't say that you didn't give it a go - you're almost 33% of the way there!

  3. Hmmm,I would say that the diet also affects one's judgement in regards to blogging about "tagging" the wife, but having read your blogging for some time I realize this may not be attributable to the diet. No way to run a double-blind on that aspect of the experiment, I suppose.

    Having done a low-carb diet before I recall headaches and lack of energy, and then suddenly feeling great. Did you get headaches along with the ketosis symptoms you mentioned the other day? Did you maintain caffeine intake of some kind or use a pain reliever?

  4. If you lose more than a few pounds a week you're going to lose some muscle. This diet is going to burn muscle as well as fat.

    You should also be aware that after the age of 40 or so you don't naturally replace lost muscle mass -- and we lose muscle mass every year after 40. That's why you see older people with poor posture if they don't work out. You're accelerating your muscle loss. You will have to do resistance training to get it back.

    I don't think this is a healthy diet. I do think you can figure out how to diet and still have some beer. All beer and nothing else is a bit wacky, but hey, it's fun to read about. :)

  5. I think this diet you've chosen is flat-out weird--but then I don't like beer.

    Really, really don't want you to get sick though, and losing muscle mass is no small thing, so take care. It's no big deal if you decide to eat some healthy food and close the beer store before the 30 days is up.

    Worrying about you but wishing you well.

  6. You don't need to go on an all beer diet to know that it will affect your health. Obvious. Now eat something.

  7. I haven't read comments, so you might already have gotten this suggestion, but you might consider adding a daily multivitamin & perhaps some supplements (calcium, perhaps) into your regimen.

    I had bariatric surgery, & because my oral intake is limited, I take a multivitamin & 1200 - 1500 mg (or whatever the standard dose is) of calcium a day. (Docs say only take 500 mg calcium at a time, because that's all the body can absorb at a time, so I take calcium 3 times a day.)

    I don't think vitamins & minerals will negate the "beer only" thing you've got going, but it should help make sure you get in all of the vitamins & minerals that you would normally get from your food & that might not be present in beer.

    As another piece of no doubt unwelcome advice (but you put it out there so what the hell), you might think about planning for your re-entry into the food world. Getting the weight off is the "easy" part. Unless you plan to spend the rest of your life on a beer-only diet, you need to figure out how you are going to eat to maintain the weight loss in the long term. That's never easy, but it's something to discuss with your doc (or get a referral to a nutritionist). Figure out what kind of food works best for you (not everybody responds well to low-carb or low-fat) & figure out how you can make it both appealing & healthy.

    Best of luck. I'm really enjoying your posts & your videos!

  8. Hate to be a naysayer, but as funny and entertaining as this diet is (and I do love watching the vids and reading your daily blog posts), it's really ridiculous to even remotely affect your health over this.

    It's a dumb diet, completely untenable and unhealthy. You know this, everyone reading this knows it. That's why it's entertaining. I admire your honesty in telling us the readouts, knowing full-well it will encourage people like me to beg you to quit.

    I have a feeling you will keep pushing on, being a very stubborn individual who is used to conquering difficult problems. And if you are sufficiently motivated, I have no doubt you'll succeed in going the 30 days.

    But as other commenters have noted, you're getting older. If you were doing this diet at age 23 or something, then maybe it's less of a big deal. But this kind of health setback when you're over 40 seems wasteful. You might be taking a year or two off your life.

    Is it worth it just to pull off a fun stunt? The guys from the film Jackass would tell you yes. Most people would say that there are safer ways to entertain yourself and others. You're a really funny dude judging from the vids, so I think there are many other things you could do instead of this, and I would watch.

  9. Yeah - drink more bottle-fermented Belgian Ale ;-)

  10. Just a question. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but how many beers a day are you drinking?

  11. I wish I had the beer cellar you have. I've never dieted nor had the need to but this seems to be working I just hope it doesnt affect you're overall health in the end. Cheers from a fellow beer enthusiast.

  12. Heh, roll up your knickers. Spot tests are dubious at best, and what, you'd gain muscle? As your boobs shrink, your muscles have *less* 24/7 resistance. When you're done creating this bit of genius entertainment, more lifting, more protein, simple. For now, skip the cardio, use your available energy wisely.

    The blood work will give you a better sense, but likely not "for sure". I believe some numbers will be better, others slightly worse. It's not like you're **killing** yourself doing the Supersize Me thing everyone else is doing, every single day. Looking around, far too many here in Hawaii can use some weight loss inspiration.

    Now go out and drink another cold one.
    Mahalo, -Steve

  13. Nobody would fault you if you give it up, Joe. Actually, there might even be a collective sigh of relief. Eat something, for your fans. We'd hate to lose your continued wisdom and I think your brain might be turning to mush.

  14. I'm not loving this diet idea, but I do want to say that it's natural to feel a let-down after the initial high of "I'm doing it" starts to fade. Drink your water and check in with the professionals who are monitoring your progress. If you feel like you're losing perspective, talk to the folks you trust: your wife (unless the tagging was less than satisfactory), your friends, and the professionals.